Now that artists can’t afford the Arts District, L.A. needs to rethink its role as a creative city

This piece came out December 9, written by Caroline Miranda of the LA Times and I thought important enough to post and spread around so we can think seriously about it. With all the talk about Creative Placemaking, it is ironic how quickly the notion can be perverted into the same old gentrification story that…

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One of the older, visionary yet young at heart residency centers this world has to offer is the ufaFabrik International Culture Centre in Berlin

One of the older, visionary yet young at heart residency centers this world has to offer is the ufaFabrik International Culture Centre in Berlin. Campbell Consultants Group affiliate Rudolf Bruenger is one of the Managers of ufaFabrik, and explains how it promotes the commitment to culture through exchange and education. In its mission, they combine…

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The Miller Falls Arts Bridge in Massachusetts and Its Unique Cultural Exchange With China

A bridge is a structure that provides passage over a barrier, forming connections between people, places and time. The Millers Falls Arts Bridge provides an alternative space for artists to explore their creativity, to reflect, exchange ideas, create new works of art and engage the local community through social practice. Through a range of programs…

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Ishiuchi Miyako’s Hiroshima Photographs at the Getty Museum Present a Different Entry Point for Experiencing the Inexpressible Than a Western Mind Might

Many artists have made the pilgrimage to Hiroshima and produced art works from a profound need to atone and understand how one of the greatest crimes of the second world war could have happened. To honor the dead, to pay testament to the terrible loss, to advocate for the abolition of nuclear arms, to ask…

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Holland Cotter and Peter Schjeldahl- Two Viewpoints About the Broad Museum

Holland Cotter- reprinted from the NY Times Sept. 12 LOS ANGELES — Traditional art museums are some of the most conservative and controlling institutions on earth. They are built as vaults to preserve the past, and as monuments to edited histories. In the Gilded Age America of a century or so ago, many new museums…

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A Portfolio of Images from the Broad Museum

A portfolio of images from the inaugural exhibit at the Broad Museum

The Broad Museum Opens in Los Angeles, a Commentary

The Broad Museum opens this week in Los Angeles and it is a spectacular undertaking not without its backstory and questions that inevitably arise about the sociology of opening a 20th century art collection in the 21st century. This major cultural event is the culmination of the drive of a man and his wife that…

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Portraits of Hope: How Two Los Angeleno Artists, The Massey Brothers, Have Used Art and Poignant Visual Imagery for Large Scale Projects of Social Consequence Since 1995

In 1995, Ed Massey and Bernie Massey founded Portraits of Hope, continuing their utilization of art and poignant visual imagery for large-scale projects of social consequence. Developed initially for seriously ill and physically disabled children, the 501 (c)(3) program conceives and develops one-of-a-kind motivational art projects that merge the production of dynamic public art works…

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ForYourArt: A Fluid and Independent Platform in the Spirit of Los Angeles, Presents The Extreme Present in Which David Lynch Punctures the Premise!

ForYourArt is a wonderful organization that I love to bring to people’s attention. Founded in 2006, it is known for its weekly publication, Plan ForYourArt, a great resource for discovering art across Los Angeles, and you can sign up at They are also producers of intellectual and inspiring forums and on August 14 presented…

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Clayton Campbell- Letting the Creative Practice Inform the Design of Cultural Exchange and Artist Residency Programming

(An excerpt from a white paper presented at the 2012 Res Artist Conference in Tokyo for the panel New Strategies for Creative Platforms and updated this July) When we are designing an artist residency program with a creative organization and with artists and creators, we talk about how to organize a creative residency by looking…

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